Bidding Farewell




One of our early prototypes

On behalf of everyone at Wicked Dog Games, I am making this announcement to those who liked playing our game and the public at large. Due to financial reasons, we will not be able to continue operating and will be closing the business in the near future.




Our first major iteration

It all started when three passionate and like-minded game developers came together to work on a game project due to chance circumstances. Wicked Dog Games was founded in the process. Depending only on our savings, two of us worked full time on our project for over two years to finally produce the game, Ekon the Cyborg. Ekon the Cyborg was released on the App Store in May and we had gotten many positive feedback and reviews thus far.




One of our in-house tools

Unfortunately, sales was not faring that well. As a result, we could no longer sustain the business and our lifestyles. Individually, we will be seeking gamedev employment opportunities thereafter.

Having said that, we were thrilled that people did enjoy our hard work as we did. Until the time our game be taken down from the App Store, we hope that more people who like dual stick shooters can still have the chance to try our game.



Chicken, anyone?

We would like to thank everyone for their support and apologize for any disappointment to our fans. It had been an arduous, but fulfilling journey for us at Wicked Dog Games. Personally, I am very proud of my team and what they had accomplished and I will remember this experience fondly. With regret, we will be parting for the same reason we came together, to make great games in the future.



Mark Tan
Studio Head
Wicked Dog Games