About Us

Wicked Dog Games had its beginnings in 2011, here in the sunny island of Singapore.

But really, our history goes back much farther… back to when we encountered video games for the first time. Back to the early days of Street Fighter 2 arcade machines, the SNES and isometric 2D RPGS on the PC… These games opened doorways for us,  to fantastic realms of endless adventure and exploration. They captured our imaginations, and held us enchanted with experiences that evoked feelings of excitement, fear, joy and surprise in a way no other medium has ever done so.

And that’s what motivated us to start Wicked Dog Games.

Because we want to not only re-capture that magical sense of wonderment for ourselves, but to create them for others to enjoy as well.

Focusing on mobile games, we strive to create high quality games that cater to gamers from all walks of life.

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